服务业 | 50-150人 | 上海
作为一家全球性的商业社群平台和信息提供商,都赛咨询自2007年进入中国以来,主要为世界知名跨国公司提供必需的商业信息和专业的互动交流平台。我们的业务范围遍布亚太、中东、北美、欧洲等全球主要市场;业务领域涵盖汽车及零配件、装备制造、再制造、高科技与互联网、食品饮料、医疗健康、金融及企业合规和风险控制等多个行业;旨在为世界领先企业提供实时讯息更新和创新解决方案,帮助我们的客户拓宽和加强行业联系,强化并创造全产业链整合。开放创新、自主有序是我们都赛一直崇尚的工作理念,西方式的先进管理模式为每位员工创造了广阔的发展平台和公平的晋升机会。优质的办公环境集办公区、图书室、活动室、茶歇室等于一体。高成长、年轻、有朝气是我们都赛团队的特点。加入我们,都赛将为你迅速融入专业的行业领域,提升自我发展能力提供良好舞台。As a global professional community and information provider, Duxes Consulting has been providing necessary commercial information and professional Interactive communication platforms for leading international transnational corporations since entering China in 2007.Duxes’ business scope covers principal markets of the world including Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, North America,and Europe while mainly focusing on industry fields such as auto and spare parts, equipment manufacturing, remanufacturing, high-technology and the internet, food and beverage, healthcare, finance, and corporate compliance and risk control. We aim to provide leading international companies with the latest industry information updates, and help our customers broaden and strengthen industry relationship, as well as intensify and innovate the integration of the whole industry chain.Our working philosophy is open,innovative, and ordered. Advanced Western management philosophy creates a roomy development platform and fair promotion prospects. The high-quality working environment covers an Office Area, Library, Activity Room, and Break Room. Our group’s characteristics are high-growth, youth, and vitality. Join us: Duxes would like to provide you with a promising stage to obtain valuable industry expertise in specialized industries. 
行业: 服务业
规模: 50-150人
地点: 上海